2011 Nationals - Sarasota, Florida

Madison has received the 12th overall seed for Nationals and will play Atlanta Chain Lightning, Austin Doublewide, and Oakland, PA, to start pool play on Thursday the 27th. For a complete list of pools, seedings and participating teams, check out the USAU Score Reporter.

For those interested in following Madison Club in Sarasota, we will be posting daily updates here on our webpage, and you can also follow us on Twitter. For coverage of all of the events at Nationals, you can also reference these top sites for up to the minute feeds and maybe even some live coverage:
  • USAU Club Championships homepage - Your starting point for learning about all the action in Sarasota.
  • Leaguevine - Chronicles twitter feeds from participating teams and from viewers on the sidelines. 
  • Live Streaming - Presented by USAU and NexGen, live streaming of high profile games on the showcase field. Stay tuned for an updated schedule of games being aired. 
  • Skyd Magazine - Online magazine for Ultimate, with audiocasts and live feeds.
And here's a little taste of what to expect in Sarasota (sure it's from 2007, but it's still pretty sweet!)