2017 Roster

Introducing Madison Club's 2017 Roster:

Adam Drews
Andrew Brown
Andrew Meshnick (C)
Anson Reppermund
Avery Johnson
Ben Nelson (C)
Benjy Keren
Brian Hart
Chase Marty
Chris Wilen
Colin Camp
David Meinecke
David Wiseman
Ian Hahn
Jeff Maskalunas
Kevin Brown
Kevin Pettit-Scantling
Logan Pruess
Pat Shriwise (C)
Peter Graffy
Rami Paust
Ross Barker
Ryan Tucker
Seth Weaver
Sterling Knoche
Tom Coolidge
Victor Luo

Coach: Tim DeByl
Assistant to the coach: Bill Everhart

Extended Tryoutees:
Glenn Poole
Jack Kelly